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The One Control is the leading manufacturer of Automatic Gate System in Malaysia. Established more than 18 years ago, our automatic gates systems are now installed in thousands of homes and commercial premises around the world. We take pride in each and every automatic gate system we manufacture and we continuously improve in the quality, durability and material selection of our products. Our aim is to produce the most reliable automatic gate system with the best value proposition, so that everyone can afford a trouble-free automatic gate for years.

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1 utama shopping center

Sg Buloh old folk house

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Answer is choosing the motor with
   ❝ Ventilation Fan ❞

We are Supply Install Repair :
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 Not enough parking ?
Choose folding type, you may park 1 more car in front of your gate.

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Tips :
  If you still using the old type underground motor,
  Sometime the center lock can't release, 
  you may try pull out a bit the wire hose
  like photo showing.

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~Tayar very important 
    Giving Safety & Comfortable to you.

~Autogate very important too
    Giving Safety & Convenience to your Family.

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One of the Good brand for Factory Sliding Gate Motor. This motor installed more than 10 year, conditions still good… Made in Italy 🇮🇹

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We are Supply Install Repair :
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Testimonials Autogate CCTV Alarm DoorAccess 2020

Autogate is Damansara

Autogate in Ampang

Autogate in Puchong 

DoorAccess in Subang

Autogate in Seremban 

Autogate in Puchong 

Alarm System in Shah Alam 
Our client :
" Chinese New Year moving New House
   with New Security. " 🍊🧧🌸 

Autogate in Perdana Height 
开门大吉 ! 🏵️🍊🧧
Gate Open Fortune Come !

Autogate in Bandar Puteri, Puchong

Our Client :
" Family is most important, 
   Giving love to them..."

Autogate in Bandar Rimbayu 

Autogate in Klang 

Autogate in Gombak

Autogate in Shah Alam

Autogate in Balakong

Autogate in Subang

Autogate in Seri Kembangan

Autogate in Ampang

Autogate in Seri Kembangan

Autogate in Puchong

    Autogate in Subang

    Autogate in Bandar Rimbayu

    Autogate in Kepong 

    Autogate in Shah Alam

Installation Team

SecurityAlarm Specialist
Conceal Job for Security Alarm & CCTV
Skills + Smart = PERFECTLY👷
Behind the Autogate Jobs 

Installation of Autogate , CCTV , Door Access , Alarm System.
⚠️ Family Secure Can't Wait !
🛡️ How to Protect Your Home 
      And Your Loved Ones ?